A Stockholm Minute: the best video channel you're not watching

You've heard of slow food, perhaps even slow travel... but slow video? Stockholm resident Peter Fristedt believes in the power of slow video to help you get to know a place more deeply, and has been working to prove this with his video series A Stockholm Minute.

For the past five years, Peter has taken one minute of video in the Swedish capital city, and put it online with no camera movement, image or sound editing. He defines Stockholm loosely ('if you can travel there by SL - Stockholm Public Transport - then it is Stockholm'), leaving the viewer with a wide range of backdrops for daily life in this notoriously cultural, laid-back city.

Once you dive in, you may find it hard to stop. Some of the videos are very still, such as one that watches an unmoving subway train until it finally pulls away from the platform, or one that focuses on a clump of wildflowers as a butterfly . Others capture local community dance lessons, workers catching the bus home, or political gatherings.

What do you think of A Stockholm Minute? Do you know any good local art projects like this that you want to share with us?

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