Classic Interior Design Items To Bring Back from Scandinavia

  • Published: 04 May 2016
  • Author: Sophie Sadler

While there are many reasons to love Scandinavia, the one we find the most enduring is its design legacy. As people who explore and explain all that Scandinavia has to offer – culture, fashion, interiors – we often find that it all comes back to design. That beloved bicycle culture? A well-designed city. The charming houses? Architectural design. The beautiful people? Just regular people in expertly-tailored clothes.

Scandinavia Standard is excited to be collaborating with Best Served Scandinavia to bring you insider information for all you Scandi-philes, all over the world! Let’s start with the six items you should have in your suitcase when you head back home:


1. A Georg Jensen piece

A Georg Jensen piece is so classic that some might argue it’s cliché. But there’s a reason this design house has been around since 1904. A silversmith company that has successfully branched into interior design items and seasonal products like their famous Christmas ornaments, Georg Jensen offers something for people at all stages of life. Their watches, jewellery and (our personal favourite) the HK Pitcher are all excellent choices for a design-meets-art piece that will last you a lifetime.

Where to get it:

Amagertorv 4
1160 Copenhagen K

2. Playtype Stationary

A decidedly quirky and modern choice, we love this typography foundry-turned design house. Their posters, mugs and candles are cool, but we always go back to their notebooks. You can never have too many, right?

Where to get it:

Værnedamsvej 6
1619 Copenhagen V


1. Kosta Boda Glass

Originally founded in 1742, this glassware company has come to symbolise Swedish design at its most beautiful and functional. Although their first designs were deemed to be copies of other European glass, by 1898 they were hiring Swedish artists to create unique pieces. We suggest a Kosta Boda bowl to sit on your dining table – both artistic and useful!

Where to get it:

Stora vägen 96
Reception in Kosta Boda Art Gallery, Hyttgården

2. Olle Eksell Ögon Cacao Poster

Where to get it:

Made in 1956 by advertising illustrator and graphic designer Olle Eksell, the Ögon Cacao poster (created for Mazetti, a Swedish chocolate company) is one of those design items you’ll see in almost every Swedish home and office. The clean lines and quirkiness of the image make it a classic that remains modern and interesting.


1. Arne Clausen Lotus Bowl

The simple and homey feel to this design is what makes it so timeless. Designed by Norwegian artist Arne Clausen in the ‘60s and now licensed by Danish company Lucie Kaas, these pieces will make you feel like you’re at a summer cabin on the fjord.

Where to get it:

Norway Designs
Stortingsgaten 28
0161 Oslo


1. Lopapeysa (Icelandic Sweater)

Perhaps the most visually recognizable Icelandic item, these sweaters are more than just a pretty addition to your wardrobe. They are super warm - so warm, in fact, that many people wear them instead of a jacket. Made of Icelandic sheep wool and originating in the 1950s, the heavy-duty insulation comes from the fact that the yarn is not spun, which means it contains more air and therefore insulates better than other fabrics. An especially essential piece if you visit Iceland in winter!

Where to get it:

Thorvaldsens Bazaar*
Austurstraeti 4
Reykjavik, Iceland

*This bazaar is over 110 years old and has the best prices! They are run by Thorvaldsens Society, a pioneer in women’s rights for the last century. 

This post is by Rebecca at Scandinavia Standard, a writer and editor originally from Boston who now lives in Copenhagen with her Danish husband. Want more info on what to do and where to go in Scandi? Check out their site - and happy travels, all you Scandi-philes.

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