Winter Holidays Bucket List 2016/2017

It seems that almost everyone has their own bucket list these days; places they want to go and once-in-a-lifetime experiences they just need to have before it’s too late. Winter holidays don’t have to just be about skiing and chalets, they can also be about those unmissable bucket list experiences – exquisite ice hotels, the mystical Northern Lights, igloos, reindeer and flying across the snow with your very own team of huskies.

See the Northern Lights

Spotting the Aurora Borealis dance across the night sky is of course top of many people’s list, a magical experience that’s hard to forget. There are certain conditions that make the lights easier to view: cold and dry weather, remote locations and usually the months between October and March, but how you choose to view them is entirely up to you. It could be seeing the Northern Lights on a husky tour, spotting them through the roof of your very own glass igloo or while cruising the Norwegian fjords on a repurposed postal ship.

Stay in an ice hotel

It’s the stuff of Disney movies and fairytales – sleeping in a castle made entirely from snow and ice – and in Scandinavia they really do exist. Choose between the original ICEHOTEL in Sweden's Lapland, where ice bricks are cut from the nearby River Torne; the Lainio Snow Village in Finland, where snow rooms are filled with a colourful glow; or the celebrated Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway, decorated in true Scandinavian style.

Cruise the Norwegian fjord lands

The Norwegian fjord lands have been described by many as one of the most spectacular cruise destinations in the world. No words can do justice to the feeling of waking up in the morning to see that awe-inspiring landscape right outside your cabin window – towering peaks soaring either side of you and snow-capped mountains merging with the deep blue of the sea upon the horizon.

Go husky sledding

The cold wind whips your face and the soft swoosh of the sleigh on the snow is perfectly complemented by the patter of excitable huskies bounding their way through the pine forests. Could there be a more exhilarating winter experience than sledding with your very own mush team through the Scandinavian wilderness? We certainly don’t think so, and don’t think you’ll find one either.

Stay in a remote cabin

Cosy log cabins, large open fires and chic Scandi design are what winter holidays in Scandinavia are all about. Imagine returning from a spot of snowshoeing in the powdery white wilderness to snuggle up next to a log fire, or opting for a warming sauna or hot pool, before feasting on a traditional feast of a buffet.

Visit Lapland at Christmas

Is there anything more magical than spending Christmas in the home of Santa Claus himself – where snow falls every day and you can ride on sleighs? Take the kids on the ultimate Harriniva winter wonderland experience in Finland, where they can make cookies with the elves, go on a reindeer safari, enjoy a husky-led sleigh ride and even get to meet Father Christmas (who might even have a treat in store for them!) There are plenty of winter holiday bucket list items for adults to tick off here too, with snowmobiling, ice-fishing, whale watching and ice driving all in abundance.

Ride a reindeer-pulled sleigh

We’d all love to imagine that Scandinavians – just like Father Christmas – get around in reindeer-drawn sleigh, even if it’s not true. Head up far north enough though – into the snowy land of the Sami people – and this is exactly how they travel, with plenty of opportunities for you to join them too.

Sleep in a glass igloo

Igloos are the iconic Arctic accommodation – the charming homes of the Inuit built from just from ice and snow. Now, though, for those who don’t fancy a night surrounded by walls of ice, there's the chance to sleep in heated glass igloos, such as those at Best Served favourite, Levin Iglut in Finland. It's a truly memorable experience, made all the better if you're luck enough to be treated to a display of the Northern Lights.

Glass igloo at Levin Iglut, Finnish Lapland
Levin Iglut, Finnish Lapland

Want to tick it off your own bucket list?

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