East Iceland Holidays 2024/2025

The eastern fjords are some of the most majestic and ancient landscapes in Iceland. Majestic mountains, wide fjords, jagged peaks and large expanses of black desert compete for your attention.  See itinerary ideas

Steeped in local lore, legend has it that the hills here are home to elfin settlements and the natural beauty on show makes it easy to believe such places could exist. 

Landscapes range from the rust coloured Lonsoraefi wilderness to the fjords of Borgarfjorour Eystri. Take a tour or self-drive trip to explore the region, watching out for large herds of reindeer, before stopping in Höfn, a small fishing town surrounded by sea and backed by the Vatnajökull glacier that ranks as one of the most scenic locations in all Iceland. Lagarfljót, Iceland's third-largest lake can be visited from Egilsstaðir, a small town steeped in saga legends. Time your visit to take in the Humarhatio Festival, an annual celebration of the large amounts of lobster caught here.


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