Experience the full spectacle of Scandinavia's changing landscapes, with colourful forests and quiet misty lakes revealing one of the region's best kept secrets – this is the season known as 'ruska'. This is a great time to experience popular destinations such as the Lofoten Islands or Lapland at their most quiet. In the north, days are often clear and crisp and at their quietest.

Autumn in Levi, Finnish Lapland

October is one of the quietest months for visitors throughout Scandinavia, and therefore, for some this is the best time to experience the cities as well as abundant nature. It can be a good time to travel north to the likes of the Lofoten Islands, perhaps staying in a traditional fisherman's cabin and marvelling at the explosive colours on show among the dramatic landscapes of one of Europe's most stunning regions.

Northern Lights on an autumnal evening in Iceland's countryside

Across the Norwegian Sea, Iceland is getting ready for the long cold winter. But, before the snow arrives, this is a last chance to experience the countryside with a hire car, pairing the many geological highlights of the island with dazzling displays of the Northern Lights. Be sure to visit the hot springs at the iconic Blue Lagoon, as this is one of its quieter months.


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