Introducing the ICEHOTEL 365

Most people have heard about Sweden's ICEHOTEL, crafted each year with snow and ice from the Torne River in the remote village of Jukkasjärvi. This is the world's first ice hotel, having first opened in 1990 and now operating annually from December to April. What you may not have heard about is the other ice hotel ‘first’ that opened at the same location last year…

Introducing the ICEHOTEL 365

ICEHOTEL 365 is a year-round version of the ICEHOTEL, complete with an ice bar, art gallery and unique suites.

Harvesting energy provided by the Midnight Sun phenomenon, guests can choose from a range of deluxe and art suites that maintain a chilly temperature of -5 degrees. In the morning, you’ll be woken by staff with piping hot lingonberry juice for you to enjoy before warming up with a lovely sauna and a seamless move to a warm chalet for the remainder of your stay.

ICEHOTEL 365 Victorian Ice Suite

Victorian Ice Suite at ICEHOTEL 365

What to do at the ICEHOTEL

It's a strange experience staying at the ICEHOTEL 365 during the summer months. The Midnight Sun glows outside day and night, in a feat that’s possibly more fantastical than staying in an ice hotel during the depths of winter. The warmer season brings a host of different excursions for guests to experience too. Swap snowmobiling for white water rafting, ice fishing for wilderness dinners and husky sledding for traditional Scandinavian berry picking adventures. You can also join a behind-the-scenes tour of the ICEHOTEL to reveal the mystery behind the international brand and partake in year-round excursions such as ice carving or a Swedish sauna ritual.

Ice fishing at ICEHOTEL 365

Ice fishing for Wilderness Dinners

Dining at the ICEHOTEL

No matter what time of year you go, the ICEHOTEL’s dining experiences are simply fantastic. Consecutively ranked in the top three restaurants in Swedish Lapland, guests can choose from the á la carte menu or the very special ‘ice dining’ experience. Prepared by Michelin-trained head chef Alexander Meier, you'll try everything from salmon and wakame salad to tender fillets of moose and reindeer, and a dessert made up of chocolate and arctic brambles. It's a delightful experience, with the ice theme taking centre stage, complete with your food being served on intricate blocks of ice. To complete the experience, pair your five courses with a wine package or try the ICEHOTEL’s very own brew, Torne Lager.

Ice menu at ICEHOTEL 365

Choose something from the 'Ice Menu' for ICEHOTEL worthy dining

Bucket-list? Check.

A stay at the ICEHOTEL 365 is perfect for those wanting to tick an ice hotel experience off their bucket-list, thanks to its 365-availability, not just the five-month period of the traditional ICEHOTEL. It’s also a superb setting to celebrate a special occasion be it a birthday, anniversary, engagement or honeymoon. And what a place to propose too. Weddings at the ICEHOTEL are also available for those wanting to give their guests a frosty reception (of the more positive kind). And, if you’re interested in extending your Swedish Lapland holiday, you can combine a stay at ICEHOTEL 365 with a stopover in Stockholm, or a stay at the iconic Treehotel or intimate Brandon Lodge.

Heated outdoor bath at the ICEHOTEL 365

Heated outdoor bath anyone?

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If you're feeling inspired and would like to find out more about the permanent sub-zero experience waiting for you in Jukkasjärvi, enquire now or take a look at our ICEHOTEL 365 holidays...