Introducing the Tromso Ice Domes

While Tromso has long been a favourite for winter fun, we’re excited to announce that Norway’s ‘Adventure Capital’ has added a new string to its bow. Recently opened, the stunning  Tromso Ice Domes bring the art of ice carving to the region with a delightful pairing of ice bar and restaurant. Here, you’ll be able to sip drinks from frozen glasses before tucking into a meal of fresher-than-fresh Norwegian seafood or reindeer. It’s all set among beautifully carved sculptures lit by otherworldly lights, with ice artists theming the domes on everything from the aurora to the indigenous Samí culture. It’s a true fairytale venue.

But, while compact Tromso is famed for its urban charms, city slicking this is not. Leaving lively alehouses and polar museums behind, you’ll head out towards Finland and the Tamok Valley. Hidden among the Lyngsfjord Alps, it’s a remote spot that’s ideal for catching spectacular displays of the Northern Lights. Watch as the region’s snow-laden slopes erupt in technicolour grandeur, made that bit more hauntingly beautiful by the surrounding forests.

As a wilderness camp at heart, you’ll also be able to combine your trip out with a range of exciting excursions. Perhaps enjoy a glimpse into the local Samí way of life with a reindeer sled ride through the Arctic landscape, taking in the region’s mountain-framed fjords before gathering in a traditional lavvu tent to listen to the myth and legend surrounding these hardy peoples. Otherwise, consider swapping sleigh power for the roar of the snowmobile on a Northern Lights safari. You’ll chase the aurora’s dancing spectacle as your high-powered tracks speed you through the sublime landscape.

Lastly, we can also report that there are plans to establish a fully-fledged ice hotel here in the future. That said, even without the beds, the Ice Domes really cement Tromso’s status as an ideal Scandinavian adventure getaway. Not only is it one of the world’s best places to spot the Northern Lights, there are very few places that offer such a stunning array of experiences. One moment you could be mushing huskies or spotting whales and the next riding a cable car up to spectacular fjord views and hikes. And, at the end of it all, you’ll return to the lively bars and restaurants of civilised civilisation, just a short, direct flight from London.