Our favourite ICEHOTEL Art Suites

The ICEHOTEL has long been known for its spectacularly unique structure, carved yearly out of blocks from the frozen Torne river by artists who come from world-over. Staying in this house of ice is an experience in itself, whether you choose to stay in the hotel's simple cold rooms or an alpine-style warm room. But, go one up and you’re greeted with the otherworldly carvings of the Art Suites. These intricately sculpted ice rooms range from ice mazes to snow clouds, with the ephemeral hotel meaning guests are greeted with unique new creations yearly. But, with the recent introduction of the new ICEHOTEL 365, the delights of an Art Suite are on offer year-round, ethereally lit to make the most of their creative design. From mammoth King Kong carvings to 1920s apartments, we take a look at our favourite Art Suites of this world-renowned construction.

The original ICEHOTEL’s individually themed and hand carved suites are created by artists, engineers and sculptors commissioned from around the world. Reindeer hide-strewn beds, thermal sleeping bags and a rousing glass of hot lingonberry juice all add delightful touches, but it’s undoubtedly the surroundings which impress the most.

'You Are My Type' Art Suite 365

One of our favourites and most spectacular Art Suites in the original ICEHOTEL is the wonderful 'Queen of the North', part of 2016-2017's offerings. This iconic suite created by Emilie Steel is made all the more eerie with light shining through an intricately carved face, and we love the deep blue shades and central bed clutched by the queen's icy hands.

'Queen of the North' Art Suite

The imposing King Kong room is another firm favourite, created by Lkhagvadori Dorjsuren, where guests can sleep beneath the colossal face and encircling arms of the famous ape. We also love 'Daily Travellers', stirring feelings of expectation and a community drawn together with tall, snowy figures looking down on the bed of ice.

'King Kong' Art Suite

'Daily Travellers' Art Suite

Over in the ICEHOTEL 365, Art Suites are available year-round, thanks to the specially-designed building run on solar power, where guests enjoy Carpe Diem Beds, reindeer hides and thermal sleeping bags. The Deluxe Art Suites 365 are the utmost in luxury with their own bathrooms including a sauna, shower, heated flooring and ‘chillout’ space.

One of our favourite Art Suites 365 is undoubtedly the iconic 'Don’t Get Lost', created by Tommy Atalalto, an engineer from Sweden's Norbotten. This unique suite of intricately-carved blocks is created so guests have to wind their way around a maze to their bed, surrounded by rippling pillars and a soaringly high ceiling.

'Don't Get Lost' Art Suite 365

Then there's 'You Are My Type' (see top), with the sheer scale of the ice work and intricate lettering an extraordinary and impressive feat. We also love the spectacular 'Once Upon A Time', a true transportation to a fairytale, with an Art Deco and 1920s inspiration seen throughout in ice chairs and tables.

'Once Upon A Time' Art Suite 365

The 'Victorian Apartment' is another favourite, where high ceilings, spectacular detailing and opulent designs are evocative of elegant Europe in the 20s, created by artist Luca Rocnori. The sitting room is complete with an ice ‘fire’ and ‘radiators’, and the extraordinary attention to detail goes down even to the books on the bookshelves.

'Victorian Apartment' Art Suite 365

Another one of our favourites is 'Living with Angels' with its deep blue shades blended among the ice. The artist, Benny Ekman, almost always incorporates angels into his work; here he channels them and was inspired by the thought of having ‘sweet dreams' while your angels watch over you. Finally, there's the spectacular delights of 'Oh Deer', created by Ulrika Tallving and Carl Wellander, who often include animal forms in their art and were inspired by Japanese onsen baths and great totem spirit animals, with lanterns bringing an ethereal light to the carvings.

'Living With Angels' Art Suite 365

'Oh Deer' Art Suite 365