Spend a summer in Finland

Finland often conjure images of winter's ice and snow, but out of those frozen landscapes springs a vibrant summer scene offering just as many exciting activities and adventurous opportunities as the ice-white playgrounds of the chillier months. It’s a theme of warm, wild beauty, with stunning archipelagos that stretch into the Baltic Sea, a spectacular Lakeland and sprawling forests home to roaming elks and bears.

Below we take a look at the key summer experiences to enjoy on a holiday to Finland.

Bear Watching in Finland

An organised trip to central Finland’s pristine forests are sure to provide epic wildlife encounters. Take full advantage of long days under the Midnight Sun as you go in search of lynx, wolves and brown bears. And, with all of that daylight, there’s every chance for up-close views of these incredible animals from the comfort of your hide – equipped with binoculars, sleeping mats and bags, comfy viewing chairs, dry toilets and plenty of refreshments to see you through to day.

Brown bear and cubs, Finland

Brown bear and cubs

Finnish Lakeland

The largest lake in Finland, Saimaa is a huge basin home to thousands of tiny islets, forested strips and narrow channels. Around the bounteous waters are a plethora of charming rural villages and dense forests. Our Best of Finnish Lakeland self-drive takes you through its best features – spend your time fishing on the forested shores, relaxing at fabulous country cottages and manor houses and soaking up the sun at lakeside beer gardens.

Olavinlinna Fortress, Savonlinna, Finland

Olavinlinna Fortress, Savonlinna

The Åland Islands

Halfway between Finland and Sweden you’ll find the picturesque Åland archipelago. Consisting of over 6,500 islands, this area is an adventure playground throughout the summer. Sail across the Baltic’s sun-dappled waters and weave between the wild coastline crags. On our cruise holiday to Stockholm, the Åland Islands and Helsinki you’ll spend memorable days filled with lakeside strolls and trips to sleepy fishing villages, returning to your accommodation for afternoon tea spreads, sauna soaks and the best in seasonal degustation dining.

The Aland Islands, Finland

The Åland Islands

A Moomin Adventure

As one of the country’s most iconic exports, the Moomins are synonymous with Finland. Offering something for the entire family, our Moomins in Finland holiday is packed full of magical experiences. Starting in the Helsinki archipelago, sample the delicacies of the delightful Moomin Cafes that dot the city, and explore a rugged lighthouse island, the much-loved setting of one of Moomin author Tove Jansson's most famous books – Moominpappa at Sea. Travel on to Tampere for a visit to the Moomin Museum, where fascinating exhibitions and guided tours give an insight into their storybook world before heading to the fun-packed Moominworld theme park. Here, you’ll have the chance to meet the characters and enjoy interactive performances and a host of seasonal activities including strolling along 'barefoot trails' through Moomin forests and mini-skiing with the Moomintroll.

Moominworld, Finland


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