April signals the arrival of spring across much of the region. In the south, with increased daylight hours, temperatures start to rise and towns and cities come to life, while the snow begins to melt in Norway's fjords. The north offers plenty of snowy activities with the bonus of fewer crowds. Despite the lengthening days, there is still a chance to catch the Northern Lights until around mid-month, after which the nights are becoming too light.

Tromsø, Norway

Further south, winter is fading away with every passing day and the first sign of spring flowers are visible in the clear patches between the snow. There is still a chill in the air throughout the region and many lakes may still be frozen, particularly in the north. Iceland's waterfalls and natural wonders come to life and are particularly stunning across the melting backdrop.

Snowmobiling across Svalbard (Credit- Agurtxane Concellon, Hurtigruten Svalbard)

Most of the region's ice and snow hotels are still open until around the middle of the month, which means there's still a chance to enjoy a unique wintry experience with the added bonus of more daylight hours to explore the snowy landscapes of the north by husky sled or snowmobile. In the extreme Nordic north, Svalbard has woken up from the long dark winter, and by the end of April there is already 24 hours daylight. However, winter landscapes still dominate here, making this the best time for snowmobiling and dog sledding across the archipelago's pristine snowscapes.


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