How to design your own ICEHOTEL Art Suite

It’s one of Scandinavia’s true accommodation icons. Sweden’s ICEHOTEL, carved anew each winter from the frozen waters of the Torne River sets the standard for ice and snow hotels across the region and beyond. But what does it take to build your very own Art Suite?

Earlier this year, we spoke to father and daughter duo Jonathan and Marnie Green, who had the privilege of being invited out to Jukkasjärvi last winter to construct their suite, ‘The Living Ocean’.

The Living Ocean Art Suite - ICEHOTEL 2018/19

So, what would you base your design on? Past efforts have included the likes of King Kong, the London Underground, white fluffy clouds and even journeys into outer space. Each year, the hotel’s creative advisors look out for the most compelling and innovative ideas to create the following year’s hotel. And, with applications now being taken for the 2019/20 season – the ICEHOTEL's 30th year – perhaps you could be next! Winners will head to Swedish Lapland in November to carve their unique designs, and have them lit to perfection by ICEHOTEL's very own in-house lighting gurus. There's are no rules for how each suite should look, just that they should include a bed and that everything should be made from ice and snow.

Lollipop Art Suite - ICEHOTEL 2018/19

However, if like us, you’d prefer to simply enjoy the creations, rather than get your hands dirty, why not book a trip to stay in one of the newly built suites yourself? You could even visit on opening weekend to see the new designs unveiled. Remember, your stay will include the chance to experience all the adventures of the Arctic, with a host of add-ons ranging from Northern Lights hunts to ice-carving classes – the perfect way to hone your Art Suite-making skills!