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Introducing the ICEHOTEL

Ever since the first ice hotel opened in Sweden in 1989, hunkering down on a bed of ice surrounded by frozen furniture, art and décor has been a rite of passage for the winter traveller. The ICEHOTEL was the first, and has maintained its world-beating status almost 30 years later. Its cutting-edge sculptures, thrilling excursions and excellent regional food welcomes anybody with a sense of adventure. Be greeted with warmth in an ice-cold environment and enjoy one of the world's most enthralling experiences.

Each year, the ICEHOTEL pulls out all the stops to piece together a wildly ambitious and impressive hotel from huge blocks harvested from the frozen River Torne, styled by an endlessly creative team of architects and artists. In its 26 years of fleeting existence, the ICEHOTEL has established an unparalleled variety of exciting snowbound adventures to keep you enthralled. Unsurprisingly, this iconic hotel is endlessly popular, so you’ll need to book well in advance.

And for 2017, the all-new ICEHOTEL 365 will extend the season so that guests can experience the best of the ICEHOTEL all year round. Located immediately next to the current ICEHOTEL alongside the Torne River in Swedish Lapland, this new incarnation of the popular property will be kept cool using solar-powered technology alone, making the most of Jukkasjärvi's long stretches of Midnight Sun when it's too warm to stay frozen naturally. The hotel is at once an engineering marvel and a Hans Eek-designed artistic triumph.


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ICEHOTEL holidays

Classic ICEHOTEL Break

Classic ICEHOTEL Break

4 day tailor-made journey

» From £625 per person incl. flights
Save up to £100 off!

ICEHOTEL & Husky Adventure

ICEHOTEL & Husky Adventure

4 day tailor-made break

» From £1,385 per person incl. flights

ICEHOTEL 365 Break

ICEHOTEL 365 Break

4 day tailor-made holiday

» From £795 per person incl. flights

Awe-inspiring excursions

From our clients...

We have to thank all Best Served for making our proposal a beautiful and unforgettable moment.

Sarah and Sascha

This was my first cold holiday and was without question the best trip that either of us have ever been on. We had the best time flying around the woods and frozen lakes on a snowmobile! We went cross country skiing and then we went on a wilderness survival course – we made fire! We had an absolute blast and haven’t stopped talking about it – it was a trip of a lifetime and we're already talking about a return just to relive the experience again.


The entire trip from start to the finish was magnificent. Imagine a child who has been given all his Christmas and birthday presents in one go – that was me! We went fishing in the Arctic Circle with a family of Swedes, snowmobile ride and husky sledding. I mustn't forget the icing on the cake – the Northern Lights! Thanks Lisa for my first adventure to the Arctic Circle – it was beautifully organised!


The ICEHOTEL experience was indeed memorable and exceedingly enjoyable. The 'fear factor' relating to sleeping on the ice bed added to the excitement and intrigue, and once accomplished, it was profoundly satisfying. Overall, it was an awesome experience!


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