Finland's Lapland region is an area of wilderness equivalent in size to Portugal. Home to the Sami people, it's a landscape of legendary tales, dazzling beauty and exceptional nature, no matter the season. See itinerary ideas


The city of Rovaniemi is its capital, and is the official home of Santa Claus. The Santa Park is popular with families and plays host to a range of exciting children's activities, and is even home to Santa's Post Office. All the while, Rovaniemi's position right on the Arctic Circle, as well as a raft of superb accommodation options, from glass igloos to luxury treehouses, makes it an excellent Northern Lights destination. Then, in summer, hiking and biking take precedence and in autumn, the region's pristine forests are set aglow with vibrant golds and reds.

Snowmobiling near Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland
Snowmobiling near Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland (image c/o Visit Rovaniemi)

Northern Lights

Indeed, with minimal light pollution and an abundance of pristine wilderness, the entire region is one of the world's best when it comes to hunting the aurora. From September right through to April, it's possible to see the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky. All of our autumn and winter itineraries can be tailored to include a Northern Lights experience, be it a simple guided tour by minibus, an adventurous snowmobile excursion or an expert-led photography course. Call our specialists to talk through the options. 

Northern Lights near Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland
Northern Lights near Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland


While many of our Finnish Lapland holidays include stays in the wilds, there's also the chance to enjoy a little resort-style luxury with a stay in Levi, the region's top skiing destination. Expect superb hotels, excellent restaurants and easy access to a full spread of winter activities. Many of our tours include a stay either here or in Rovaniemi, or we can tailor your trip to include one. But, it's not all about winter, as in summer there's the chance to hike and bike among sun-dappled forests, under the endless Midnight Sun.

Autumn hiking near Levi, Finnish Lapland
Autumn hiking near Levi (image c/o Levi Tourism)


Finland's largest municipality offers all you could want from a winter holiday. Centred on a vast lake in the very heart of Finnish Lapland, it's the ultimate winter playground, offering everything from stays in romantic wood cabins and glass igloos to an abundance of activities including ice fishing, husky safaris, snowmobiling and, of course, the Northern Lights.

Wilderness Hotel Inari, Finnish Lapland
Wilderness Hotel Inari, Finnish Lapland

Glass igloos & Ice Hotels

Dotted throughout Finnish Lapland, these hotels offer some of the most quintessentially Finnish experiences north of the Arctic Circle. From classics such as Kakslauttanen to the multi-faceted Apukka Resort and Arctic SnowHotel, these are symbols of Nordic innovation like no other. All different yet all amazing, everyone has their favourite. Ask our specialists about theirs.

Apukka Resort, Finnish Lapland
Apukka Resort, Finnish Lapland

Santa holidays

Of course, Finnish Lapland is synonymous with Santa. And, there can be no more magical experience than taking the kids to meet St Nick in his log-cabin home. Hidden deep in the forests near Rovaniemi, you'll find the whole festive operation in full swing, from elven workshops to the official post office. Complete the experience with gingerbread making classes, reindeer rides and, for the bigger kids, the chance to hop on snowmobiles and hunt for the Northern Lights – magical. 

Santa's Post Office, Rovaniemi
Santa's Post Office, Rovaniemi (image c/o Visit Rovaniemi)

Sami people

The Sami are the only indigenous people in Europe and continue to practice their traditional way of life on the tundra; travel here to learn more about their lifestyle, or venture into the wilderness with a Sami guide when going on snowmobile or reindeer excursions to understand what the landscape means to these people. 

After all the excursions and activities, sit back in your traditional lodge or unusual accommodation such as glass igloos and ice hotels and look out for the Northern Lights, which frequently grace the winter skies.


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