ICEHOTEL: Surviving a night on ice

A stay at Sweden’s ICEHOTEL is a true bucket-list experience. But for some, sleeping on a bed of ice is a daunting proposition. Here are a few handy tips for surviving, and enjoying, your night on ice:

›› Dress for the conditions

It’s cold in those rooms, but you’ll go a long way to ensuring a comfy night if you dress for the occasion. Pull on some long johns, a long-sleeved top, thick socks and a hat, then let your Arctic sleeping bag do the rest! If you’re really feeling it, pop down to reception and they’ll happily help you out with a few extra layers. Otherwise, there's always the ICEBAR!

Wrap up warm for your stay at ICEHOTEL

›› Grab a sleeping bag

As part of your stay, you’ll be provided with a sleeping bag. It’s guaranteed to keep the chill out to temperatures as low as -30ºC, so the ICEHOTEL’s constant -5ºC will feel comfortable in comparison. Our top tip? Get your sleeping bag from reception at the last possible moment so it’s as warm as possible when you climb inside.

›› Make the most of a morning sauna

After a good night’s sleep, you’ll be greeted in your room or suite with a warm glass of lingonberry juice and the chance of a morning sauna. Take it – it’s a wonderful way to relax before heading back out into the cold for a day of Arctic activities.

›› Book a Deluxe Suite

If the idea of a full night in an icy room still seems a little daunting, consider an upgrade to a Deluxe Suite. Based at the permanent ICEHOTEL 365, these are the absolute pinnacle of ICEHOTEL accommodation. As well as some seriously impressive ice carving in the cold bit, out back you’ll find a heated bathroom host to a whole range of creature comforts, from a freestanding tub to a private sauna.

The Deluxe Suite bathroom at ICEHOTEL 365

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